‘Heretics’ wins ‘A Place Like Settle ~ Competition

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We are thrilled to have won the “A Place Like Settle” competition” Deborah Hodges, Heretic’s team member.

After three months in the BCre8ive Lab, which ran from October to December 2015, the ‘Heretic’s team emerged the winners of the Settle Stories competition.  Chosen by Sita Brand from Settle Stories, and Kevin Moss from PlayThisNext this futuristic thriller sets out to exploit the creative possibilities of innovative App storytelling.

“Settle Stories is delighted to be working on Heretics. This is a story for our times which are sure will prompt discussion, debate and lots more stories.” Sita Brand, Settle Stories.

Join the Heretics conversation now  at www.settlestories.org.uk/heretics

Storytelling in a Mobile world

“We’re excited to see how Heretics can be developed as a digital story. Such a strong story world and interesting characters have a natural fit with digital.” Kevin Moss, PlayThisNext

At  a time when more and more people are using mobile phones and tablets as their main source of information and entertainment developing storytelling techniques for the small screen, and traveling people, is the big challenge facing creatives.  The Kindle may have brought books into the digital and mobile age, but there is more to this form of engagement than just reading text, or playing games.

Swiping and Tapping may engage pre-school children in such narratives as ‘The Yellow Balloon’ but for adults something more is needed. ‘Grayout’ plays with an interactive word game to develop a storyline, while ‘Mr Quinn’ and adaptation of an Agatha Christie short story, combines stills, video, and texting to expand the world of the country house murder mystery.  However, these are only the beginning of the new interactive storytelling landscape.

Collaborations on the move

Collaborations have always played a part in creative endeavours but the combination of mobile and web presents new opportunities for readers and creatives. Over the coming months, using a combination of social media, newsletters, and other digital options the ‘Heretic’s team will develop a collaborative  approach to contemporary issues and individual characters personal lives.

“We think that ‘Heretics’ will resonate with the hearts and minds of the audience and will at the very least get people thinking about the wider issues.”
Deborah Hodges, Heretics team.

You can join in this conversation about rights, wrongs, hacking and the future of the state at www.settlestories.org.uk/heretics

There will be more on ‘Heretics’ and its development in future blogs.

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