‘A Place like Settle’ – a BCre8ive Lab Opportunity with £8000 on offer

Do you have an idea for an interactive story?

Bring your story to life in an interactive way? With £8,000 production funding guaranteed, mentoring support from the BCre8ive team, Settle Stories and TELL in the BCre8ive Lab with crowdfunding courtesy of Crowdshed; this is a unique opportunity to create for a new digital platform..

Why an interactive Story?

Interactive Storytelling is becoming a mainstream form of entertainment. Interaction has many layers, from audiences directly influencing a dramatic storyline to narratives that lead the audiences to explore storyworlds. As with all stories, the key is interesting characters in worlds you want to explore and journeys that you want to travel.

With this project BCre8ive and Settle Stories have partnered with TELL a new platform for publishing interactive stories. In your submission to the BCre8ive Lab we are looking for great characters and engaging story options. Fully worked out interactive story narrative can evolve in collaboration with Settle Stories and the TELL team.

TELL is a new platform set to launch in the second half of 2015. It has been built by the team behind the successful interactive experience ‘The Nightvision Experiment’.

TELL  allows stories to be constructed using video, audio, text, html and photos. These elements are woven together using ‘story bricks’ giving lots of flexibility for producers and audiences to explore a story.

Sign up at tellplayer.com to get the first sneek previews TELL.
“As storytellers we must push and learning new approaches. Audiences expect a new level of interaction with stories that match their own experiences.” Kevin Moss, TELL

The Story Brief

The narrative can be in any genre, have up to 6 characters, and be set in a contemporary world in ‘A Place like Settle’ http://www.visitsettle.co.uk/

The story experience is aimed at digital natives (typically 12 – 35 year olds) and is open to wide interpretation. ‘A Place Like Settle’ is a theme where ‘like’ is the key word. You are encouraged to interpret this as widely as possible, while still allowing the production to be shot in contemporary settings – with a few special effects.

‘Like’ Settle – An idyllic Yorkshire Dales town

Picture a land of rolling hills, cobbled streets and a population with more sheep than people. A friendly world where passers-by say ‘hello’, children roam free in open countryside and the word ‘community’ counts.

Settle resides under the looming limestone crag of Castleberg and has a long list of incarnations from isolated farming community to market place, quarrying centre to mill town. Settle changes, it adapts to prosper.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 12.23.11Probably the smallest art gallery  in the world – in Settle

This is a place with stunning train rides, Ye Olde Naked Man Café, the smallest gallery in the world and internationally acclaimed tales at the Settle Stories Festival. A place full of characters. Characters like, Bill Mitchell, 60 years a journalist, there is no-one he does not know! There are some odd folk about. Some curtain twitches, nosy nieghbours and gossips – don’t expect to keep a secret. Word here travels fast!

So why a Transmedia Storytelling project in Settle?

“Settle Stories mission is to change the world through stories. To achieve this we aim ‘To broaden the media used for storytelling.

In recent years we’ve done this through experimenting with digital storytelling. During both the 2013/14 Settle Stories festivals we’ve had a digital story trial using QR codes to uncover a story. We’ve held live digital storytelling events on Google Hangouts and have experimented with telling stories using augmented reality.

We’ve become fascinated with bringing stories to life using digital technology. So when we met Phil Parker at Bcre8ive.eu and Kevin Moss from playthisnext.com who’ve built the innovative TELL platform, we knew these were the people who could help our digital storytelling dreams become a reality. It turns out they can raise that one better.

Alongside the team here at Settle Stories, they can make your digital storytelling dreams come true.”  Sita Brand, Director Settle Stories

A BCre8ive and TELL opportunity

There is £8000 for production, which will be combined with a crowdfunding campaign run with Crowdshed https://www.crowdshed.com/

See your idea realized as a global interactive story in 2016 on TELL.

Register at https://www.bcre8ive.eu/register NOW.

Once registered join the BCre8ive site as an individual or a group – yes you can bring your team with you. Then develop your dramatic world with its characters and potential storylines, plus some visuals, for ‘A Place Like Settle’. You then need to contact a BCre8ive Mentor on the site, have them check over your idea, and approve it for submitting to the Lab, with Settle Stories.

The deadline for submitting your completed idea is July 20  2015.

Register now at https://www.bcre8ive.eu/register







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