6 (plus 1) Free Creative Apps to start a project

This blog is one of an occasional series which identifies digital options for creatives from Phil Parker, co-founder of BCre8ive.. Creating on the move and in particular with tablets is now a big opportunity for creative but which apps, given the thousands out there might help. Here is a short list of possible solutions, to creating your first cartoon, writing a screenplay and much more, some well known – others not so, All free or freemium, with a free option for start out games developers at the end.

Let’s start with Art, more accurately described in this instance as drawing. Many people will know of AutoCAD 360 with its link to the established CAD system used by architects etc. for many years. However, what about

TAYASUI SKETCHES an IoS app, which allows you to create, simple cartoon – style drawings and have some fun. tayasui sketchse image

Graphic design options can be explored at

FAT PAINT , a freemium site which allows you to create designs and logos without paying unless you are creating work for business purposes.

Photography apps attached to the two big online sites Instagram and Pinterest, are well known but have you tried

VSCO and all round camera app for IoS and android, which provides a range of creative options with your photos?

Writing apps covering everything from poetry to screenwriting so here are a few to get you going.

HAIKU JAM , a free app for IoS and Android is what it sounds like a digital version of the established Japanese poetry form but with the additional advantage that you are able to add photos + text messages to share

Screenwriting apps abound form FinalDraft to Celtx, this latter having a free option which is great for those just starting out. However, an app worth looking at is the following

FADEIN, only on IoS so far, but free with all the standard formatting tools of the big applications.FADEIN logo

On the short fiction front the following app allows for sharing as well as creating

WATTPAD is free and works on IoS and Android– great for getting feedback from friends and collaborators,

AND if you want to create your first game then there is a free download to help you

GAME EDITOR – Mac/Android, An open source tool which has tutorials, and walks you through the creation of your first game.

Being creative in the digital age on the move has never been easier, and it will only improve as download capacities, and app development, improves.

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